My Nametags come in a fantastic range of designs and are great for personalising all your baby's clothing and items!

Bringing Home Baby


Parents will tell you that you need an almost unbelievable number of items when you have a baby, both at home and for when you go out. New parents can find it almost overwhelming when they think about the amount of stuff they have to pack just to meet friends for coffee or go to visit the grandparents for a few hours. Changing bags, baby bottles, comforters, and blankets are all things that are easily misplaced when you go to play dates, parenting classes, mother and baby groups, and even the supermarket. And the fun doesn’t stop when baby gets a bit older. Toddlers are well known for picking things up and then dropping them, meaning that you could find it hard to keep track of clothes, blankets, and precious items such as soft toys. Unfortunately, the more items you have, the more likely you are to lose things, which is why labelling your items is always a good idea.

My Nametags – the ideal solution to your baby clothing and equipment


Time is precious when you’re a parent, especially when you’re a new parent as you need time to bond with your baby. This means that you don’t have hours to spend writing names or sewing labels on to clothing or equipment. My Nametags has an amazing range of name labels, including our Colour Sticker Nametags and Colour Iron-on Name Labels, which can be applied in just a few seconds. Both of these products are BPA free, making them ideal for labelling items which are for babies and children. They’re also robust, durable, and waterproof so you don’t need to worry about them being damaged when items are put in the washing machine, microwave, dishwasher, or steriliser. In even the most basic baby bag you’ll need a changing mat, bottles, blankets, and extra clothing, all of which would benefit from having a name tag attached. After all, any mother will tell you about “baby brain” so you’d be surprised how easily these items can be lost or misplaced.

My Nametags – the ideal solution when your baby is growing up

We all know that they don’t stay babies forever and as your child grows, there are even more items that need name labels. In addition to your baby bag essentials, you’ll find yourself carrying items such as sippy cups, plastic crockery, lunch boxes, and toys. Experienced parents will be able to tell you just how many toys it takes to keep a toddler entertained! As well as making it easy to identify your child’s discarded belongings when you’re out and about, research has also shown that toddlers can distinguish different colours and designs early on, so the labels are a great way to encourage your child to recognise and read their own name. The amazing range of designs available means you can involve your toddler in the labelling process and they can choose colours or patterns that are easily recognisable to them. With room for three lines of text there is plenty of space for your baby or toddler’s name, your name, and your contact details to maximise the chances of things making their way back to you if they are lost.

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