Moving into a care home is a major life event for both the resident and their family. To make sure this transition goes as smoothly as possible, there’s a few steps you can follow.

How to prepare for a move to a care home


As we get older we may need to rethink our accommodation and living arrangements. For many older people that can mean moving into sheltered accommodation or a residential care home. Nursing Homes Ireland offers fantastic general advice on moving to a care home and FirstCare Ireland can give a step-by-step guide to settling in to life in the care home. There are many benefits to sheltered accommodation and residential care homes – a chance to make new friends, experience new activities, and peace of mind for relatives that their elderly family member will have 24 hour care and support should they need it. Communal living is also an opportunity for older people to take things easy and not need to worry about the more mundane aspects of life such as cooking or washing as this is done by the care home staff.

However, communal living can also mean that sometimes clothing and other items are lost or misplaced, which could cause distress to both residents and their families. Walking into a care home to see your mother in an outfit that doesn’t belong to her, and that she wouldn’t have chosen herself would be distressing, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Whilst many care homes are excellent at reuniting residents with their misplaced belongings, it can be tough to keep track of who owns what, particularly if the resident is unsure themselves. Many care homes recommend labelling clothing and personal items to ensure that they can be easily returned if they are lost or misplaced.

My Nametags – ideal for moving into a care home


Our range of name labels are ideal for use on everything from clothing to medication bottles and glasses cases, making it quick and easy for you to label your relative’s belongings before they move into their new accommodation. All of our labels are durable and long lasting, so you don’t need to worry about constantly having to put new labels on things.

Both our Colour Sticker Nametags and Colour Iron-on Name Labels can be applied in seconds, either to care labels, hard surfaces, or directly to the fabric of the item, making them an excellent choice for any number of your loved one’s possessions. The bright colours make it quick and easy for busy staff members to identify a resident’s belongings and easier for the resident themselves to find, particularly if their eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be. If you prefer something simpler then our Black and White Iron-on Nametags can also be ironed straight onto the fabric and come with a 10 year washing guarantee. The ability to wash and dry items at high temperatures without the label fading makes them an excellent choice for a communal living environment.

Moving into a care home can be a stressful time and being able to personalise the stickers and attach them to belongings may help make life a little less stressful for your elderly relative. You’ll also be able to relax knowing that if they are parted with any of their clothing or personal items it can be easily returned as each name label has room for three lines of text. This text could be their name, their room number, your name, your contact details, or any other combination of information you choose.

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"Excellent size and easy to use. My little boy is delighted to have his name on everything."
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