If your kid is willing to embrace new adventures, while interacting with others and forming new friendships, there's plenty of opportunities. Our nametags can help not to lose anything on the way.

Going to Scouts and Girl Guides in Ireland


Joining the Scouts or Girl Guides is a great way for your child to experience new things and learn skills that will help them throughout their lives. With 450,000 young people belonging to the Scouts (encompassing Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts, and the Scout Network) and Girl Guides (encompassing Ladybirds, Brownies, and Guides) respectively, your child will have plenty of opportunity to meet other children from a variety of cultures and backgrounds who could become lifelong friends. As well as regular meetings there are also chances for day trips, camps, and holidays that could take your child all over the UK and even further afield. The experiences and challenges involved in being a member of the Scouts or Girl Guides will help your child reach their full potential and aspire to do great things with their lives, as well as giving them the tools to achieve their dreams.

Scouts and Girl Guides Uniforms

A big part of being involved in the Scouts and Girl Guiding sections is wearing the uniform as this gives children a sense of unity and pride in their group. The uniforms are easily recognisable and practical, making them ideal for all the fun your child will have whilst wearing them.

In fact, many children keep items such as their Brownies sash or Scouts scarf long after they’ve moved on as a memento of the great time they had whilst they were involved in the organisation. The uniforms also enable children to start on the same level, regardless of their background, and avoid the issue of them feeling they need to wear the latest fashion or bullying because they’re not following trends. However, one of the difficulties with a uniform is that is can be easily misplaced or accidentally swapped with a friend, and as parents we know how inconvenient and costly this can be.

My Nametags – labels for Scouts and Girl Guides


Luckily, My Nametags has the perfect solution – our Colour Sticker Nametags and Colour Iron-on Name Labels!

Both products offer a versatile and attractive alternative to having to use a marker pen on your child’s Scout or Girl Guiding uniform. They’re robust, rub resistant, waterproof, and washable making them ideal for uniforms designed to be worn for outdoor and physical activities. Here at My Nametags we know your time is precious, so there’s no need to spend hours sewing tricky name labels on to sashes, scarves, or hats. Simply stick or iron on the nametags and away you go.

Our stick on labels are quickly and easily applied to the washing labels on your child’s clothes and will then stay on wash after wash. The Colour Sticker Nametags are also designed to be used on hard surfaces so they can be used on items such as water bottles and lunch boxes which are also easily misplaced when children are out for the day or on a residential trip. Iron-on labels are designed to be ironed onto the fabric of the garment making them a great solution for clothing without washing labels or items where the label has been removed to avoid skin irritation. The range of colours available for both types of label enables you to choose a colour that will either match or contrast with the fabric of the garment. With three lines of text on each label you’ll have more than enough space to include your child’s name and contact details in case items do go missing.

Our customers say...
"Great colours and picture choices. My 2 girls designed their own which they loved doing. I have purchased these nametags before, they are applied in seconds and have remained in place after lots of washing."
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