My Nametags come in a fantastic range of designs and are great for personalising all your sports equipment.

Perfect for Sports Clubs


Playing sports is a great way for your child to stay healthy, learn new skills, and meet a group of children with similar interests. Whether they have ambitions to play competitively or they just enjoy playing for fun, there are plenty of sports to choose from that will keep them active. Swimming, cricket, archery, football, rugby, athletics, cycling, horse riding, golf, and tennis are all popular sports for children to play both in and outside of school. With PE lessons a compulsory part of the school curriculum, and more and more parents wanting to get their children away from smartphones, there are more children than ever joining sports clubs. However, as all parents of sports mad children will know, if they’re going to play the sport then they’re going to need the right kit.

My Nametags – the ideal solution for sports club kit

As parents we know that it isn’t just at school where children lose clothing and equipment, and the more sports they play the more likely they are to misplace or accidentally swap gear with one of their team mates. The easiest way to prevent this happening and ensure that lost items are returned to you is to invest in sports name tags to label your child’s kit. After all, losing sports kit can prove costly and the small expense of name labels could save you a lot of money in the long run. Our Colour Sticker Nametags and Colour Iron-on Name Labels are ideal for all kinds of sports clothing and equipment. Our sports name labels are incredibly practical and versatile, enabling you to put your child’s name and contact details on almost any piece of kit you can imagine. And the list of clothing and equipment that you need to label is almost endless, for example you could use My Nametags to label:

- Sports kit bags

- Team uniform

- Sports shoes/trainers

- Water bottles

- Lunch boxes

- Cricket clubs

- Hockey sticks

- Sports kit bags

- Swimming trunks/costume

Even just for one sport, for example Rugby, your child will need a surprising amount of kit, including:

- Rugby shirts – for practice and team kit

- Shorts – practice and team kit

- Rugby boots

- Jumpers and tracksuit bottoms for warming up

- Shin pads

- Shoulder pads

- Scrum cap

- Sports kit bag

- Water bottle

All of this adds up to a lot of items that could be lost or misplaced! Remember also to label the sports kit bag, as often it’s the whole bag which goes missing, rather than individual items and we all want to avoid that sinking feeling when you realise your child’s bag has been left on the bus or school changing room. The Colour Sticker Nametags are designed to be used both on clothing labels and hard surfaces (such as water bottles etc.) They’re durable and waterproof, making them suitable for items that go in the microwave, dishwasher, and washing machine regularly. They’re also rub resistant, making them the ideal sports name tags, as they can be used inside shoes without the risk of your contact details being rubbed off with frequent wear. As they’re easy to stick on to washing labels there’s no need to spend hours sewing fiddly tags onto sports club kit and the range of colours and designs means you can choose the label that looks best on your child’s kit. The Colour Iron-on Name Labels are designed to be ironed straight onto the fabric of the garment. This means they can be used on clothing which doesn’t usually have a care label, such as socks and underwear. They’re easily applied in just a few minutes and are so long lasting we give them a 10 year guarantee. With room on both types of label for three lines of text you’ve got space for your child’s name and your contact details so that items can be easily returned if they are lost, borrowed, or swapped.

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"Excellent size and easy to use. My little boy is delighted to have his name on everything."
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