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There are thousands of possible uses for My Nametags labels and they are an essential item for your children, elderly relatives, pets or business. However, we all need to let our hair down sometimes. Fortunately, our labels are just as well suited to the beach as they are to the classroom.

When we go on holiday, we tend to pack our best clothes, the latest camera and our child's irreplaceable favourite teddy. It therefore seems crazy that many of us don't think to add labels to these valuable possessions. Fortunately, we have put together a collection of the finest travel-themed designs to help solve this problem and change that bad habit.


Bright, hard-wearing and waterproof there is no excuse not to use our labels in, or even on, your suitcase before your next trip.

My Nametags colour labels are perfect for beach towels. Attach them to the care labels and they'll stay in place when wet or placed under the heat of the sun. Our coloured labels are also perfect for hard surfaces. They means they'll stay put on your mobile phone, sunglasses case or passport cover.

Our labels are customisable and with the freedom to choose your own text you can add your name, phone number or even your hotel's address in case you misplace them.

Find yours now:

PARASOL - Perfect for a sunny getaway, this parasol design will look great on the beach. Why not combine it with our beach background? They’re a perfect match!

HAMMOCK - Holidays are the perfect time to relax and the chilled chap in this design will make sure you don’t forget that. This design will look great on your sandals or flippers! It looks great with the summery scene of this background design.

CLIFFS - If you’re heading to the coast then look no further than this design. A common sight across Europe and beyond. It will fit perfectly to the care label of your swim clothes or beach towel if you plan to take a dip in the sea.

LIGHTHOUSE AND SUN - This design features a picturesque scene with the sun shining brightly behind a lighthouse. If the forecast isn’t good, at least you will have this sunny design to brighten things up!

FORTRESS - If you or your little ones are planning to take in some of the local history while you’re away then this fortress design is a great option. You could apply them to prams or travel cots.

AQUEDUCT - This aqueduct design is so summery that it doesn’t matter whether or not you plan to explore Roman ruins on your trip. We think that the light blue background fits perfectly with this design and will not look out of place on your tablet or mp3 player.

JET - Flying away on your travels? This fabulous jet design will stick just as well to your cabin luggage as it will your suitcase. The design perfectly suits our cloudy background and means that everything you pack will look great over land, sea and air!

BELL TOWER - An iconic sight in many of Europe’s best city destinations, the bell tower design is a perfect fit for labelling up all of your essentials. Why not stick them to your camera or your travel guide?

PALM TREE - You don’t have to be off to the tropics to pick this palm tree label. The bright beach background not only makes for a beautiful, summery scene but will also make it hard to lose sight of your items when it comes to packing everything away for the journey home. It look great and will stay put on snorkels and spades.

SMILING SUN - This smiling sun is probably the most general of all our travel designs. Who could say no to a big smiling sun? For young or old, use them on anything from your sunscreen bottle to your phone charger.

TRAIN - Even if you aren’t travelling by rail, this train design would be a perfect fit for your little ones. It’s hard to go wrong with this cute cartoon train. A bright background is a good idea for keeping your items in sight.

CRUISE SHIP - With this cruise ship design you can ensure that your precious cargo doesn’t go missing on the high seas. With or without our coastal background, this the obvious choice if you’re taking the ferry or heading off on a cruise.

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