My Nametags Labels for Care Homes

My Nametags labels are chosen by hundreds of care homes across the country.

Care home staff and resident

Perfect for Care Homes

Durable and excellent value, My Nametags labels are the perfect choice for those in care homes, respite care or communal living. The labels can be applied quickly by staff or family members and will withstand years of washing and drying. We also do not use any harmful chemicals in producing our labels, so they will not cause any irritation.

My Nametags labels on slippers in a care home

Labels for Disabilities:

Our colourful nametags can be useful for those with learning disabilities. Aside from their use within communal living environments, the use of symbols, vibrant colours and a clearly marked name on the label could reduce anxiety and aid communication.

My Nametags name tags on a bottle in a residential home for the elderly

Which Labels?

Black and White Iron-On Labels

Our black and white iron-on and sticker labels are popular with care homes. They can be ironed directly onto garments in seconds and will not budge. They are 100% waterproof, resistant to wear and are designed to withstand the rigours of communal living and school life. They should be applied directly on to fabric. They are the perfect solution when labelling items without a care label e.g. socks, underwear, pyjamas. They are also ideal for labelling the clothes of residents who don't like having care labels in their clothes. At just €16.95 for 120 iron-on labels, they are great value option.

Colour Iron-On Labels

Just like our black and white iron-ons, our colour iron-on labels come with a 10-year washing guarantee. The vibrant colours and customisation options mean that a label can be created which reflects a resident’s personality or interests and can aid them with identifying their own possessions. They can be applied in seconds and with 56 labels in each set, all the essentials can be covered.

Colour Sticker Labels

Colour sticker labels as can be used on both clothing and other personal items. The 1000s of design options mean that you can choose a bespoke label which reflects your resident or family member’s interests or personality. They will remain in place in the dishwasher, washing machine, in sterilisers and are rub-resistant. They are our most versatile label.

Get ready to design your labels!

Effortless to design, with thousands of possible combinations. Available as stickers, iron-ons and more.

1 set of 56 name labels from €16.95