Ministickers by My Nametags - perfect for school supplies!

personalised ministickers stickers for pencils, pens, crayons and other school supplies, on a green background

Label all pencils, pens and crayons with our personalised mini stickers.

What are mini stickers?

My Nametags personalised ministickers are made of the same material as our colour stickers but are smaller. Mini stickers are perfect for labelling large amounts of items quickly and easily. These name stickers are ideal to identify children's stationery such as pencils, pens and markers so nothing gets lost or mixed up again! With 175 mini stickers in each set, every book, pen and pencil is labelled and ready for school. Just like our colour sticker nametags, mini name stickers are 100% waterproof, rub-resistant and designed to withstand the rigours of daily school life.

How can I personalise my mini name stickers?

Our mini name labels are stylish and discreet. When personalising your ministickers you are able to pick between four different colour schemes: lollipop, mint, cupcake or mint. And, at Christmas, we bring out our metallic range for the ones that like some extra sparkle on their items. The labels allow for a maximum of 12 characters so ideal if you only want a first name on the labels. If you wish to add a surname or phone number to your name tags you may want to consider our colour stickers.

What size are the personalised mini stickers?

A set of ministickers consists of 175 mini name labels, each mini name tag meassuring 16x6mm. The amount and size of the mini name stickers makes them perfect to use for a large amount of items as well as making them a great option for older children or even adults.

Mini name labels or colour name stickers?

While My Nametags colour stickers and ministickers are made of the same material and for some of the same purposes there are some key differences you should consider when choosing between the two. Firstly, you should think about what you are hoping to label. Both mini name tags and colour stickers can be used for items such as stationery, equipment, tupperware, and many more. However, unlike the name stickers, our mini sticker tags should not be used for clothing. Secondly, you should decide what you would like to have on the nametag, whether you are hoping to only add a first name or if you would like to also have a surname or phone number on there. Lastly, you should consider the amount of items you want to label as a set of mini stickers comes with 175 mini stickers whereas a set of colour stickers contains 56 tags.

Order 1 set of 175 Ministickers for €18.95


Our Ministickers are suitable for:

  • Ministickers for Stationery


  • Ministickers for Glasses


  • Ministickers for Baby Shoes and Equipment

    Baby shoes and equipment

  • Ministickers for Toys


  • Ministickers for Books


  • Ministickers for Phone Chargers & Eletronics

    Phone Chargers & Electronics

We have the best name labels in the world

  • High quality

    Our Ministickers are made to last. We use the best possible material and adhesive to ensure our labels stay stuck and will not suffer from wear.

  • Last longer

    Our Ministickers can endure the rigours of daily school life and will remain in place well beyond the end of the school year. They are extremely resistant to washing machines and dishwashers. We suggest using them on smaller items such as stationery or keys.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We have an almost 100% customer satisfaction rating, unmatched in the nametag market. We are confident that you will love our Ministickers too and will be happy to assist should you encounter any issues.

  • sustainability


    Labelling your child's items means these are more likely to be returned when lost. A small label can prevent parents from having to rebuy items, encourages reusing and reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfill.

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1 set of 175 mini stickers for €18.95

  • Why choose Ministickers nametags?

    • Ministickers are small, sticker nametags. They are a great option for labelling a large amount of items quickly. They can be used on anything from lunchboxes and water bottles to stationery. Due to their size (16x6mm), it is only possible to add a first name to the labels. This should be kept in mind when labelling. We recommend that they are used in combination with our normal colour sticker nametags, or on smaller, less valuable items.

      The labels may not be fully customisable but we do offer a selection of colour palettes to suit every taste! Ministickers are produced with the same material as our colour sticker nametags so, for information on how to start using your labels please see our Instructions for Use page.

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  • Shipping and Payment

    • Delivery to Ireland

      You will usually receive your order within one week of receiving your internet order, but please count 10 days to be sure as it may take up to 48 hours for your order to be produced. One set of ministickers will cost €18.95.

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      We accept all major credit and debit cards. You can also pay via Paypal. Payment is securely handled by Adyen.

      Payment Methods

    • International delivery

      We deliver anywhere in the world at no extra cost. We aim to deliver within 10 working days in Europe and two weeks outside of Europe. Please ensure that you include the country and postcode within the address.

      International deliveries

      The fastest way to order is through the internet, and we usually produce the orders the same day we receive it. We aim to deliver within 10 working days in Europe and two weeks outside Europe. Please ensure that you include the country and postcode in the address.

      International letters and accents

      We are able to do most international accents (e.g. French accents, Icelandic letters). We can do Western European accents on all our labels, while Eastern European and other letters only work on our black and white Classic Nametags. So, if it displays correctly on the preview nametags, we will be able to print it. For Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and other non-Western alphabets, you will need to use our ‘narrow’ font.

  • Instructions for Use

    • How to use mini stickers?

      1. Stick the label to a clean and dry hard surface.
      2. Allow 24 hours before placing the item in a dishwasher.

    • Where to put mini name tags

      Mini name sticker tags should be applied to an area of the item which will be immediately visible should it go missing. Do not forget to only apply the mini sticker nametags to a clean and dry surface to ensure it stays on.

  • FAQ

    • Which mini name sticker should I choose?

      Our ministickers are great when you need to label a large amount of items quickly. The adhesive mini tags are particularly useful to label your child's stationery and other school supplies for school. You are able to chosse from four different themes and add one line of text. If you are looking to add more lines or would like labels in a different size take a look at our range of name tags.

    • What size are mini tags?

      Mini name tags are generally small in size, yet large enough for the text on them to be readable. Our small stickers are 16x6mm which is perfect to use on smaller items like keys or stationery.

    • Why use mini name tags?

      Mini personalised stickers are a simple solution to the problem of lost property. They are great to identify your or your child's items in a more discreet manner ensuring nothing gets mixed up or lost and that if lost it is returned. Small labels are also a good way to label your smaller items such as stationery.

    • How do I use the mini labels?

      Head over to our instructions for use page for detailed help on how to apply mini adhesive tags. Just like nametags they are quick and simple to use!

    • Can I split a set of mini labels?

      We cannot split a set of ministickers to have more than one name. Due to the way the nametags are produced unfortunately this just is not possible.

    • How to design mini name tags

      Our small labels are very easy to design you simply go to our mini sticker design page pick the theme and type in what you would like on the line of text. You will be able to look at a preview of what the mini tags will look like. Once you are happy click 'add ministickers to basket' and proceed to checkout.

    • Do you ship overseas?

      Yes. We send labels all over the world on a daily basis.

    • My order hasn’t arrived

      Don't panic! We tell all customers to allow 10 working days for deliveries. We use Royal Mail First Class postage, and while this will usually ensure your order arrives the next day, it can be subject to postage delays out of our control. If your order still hasn't arrived after this time, please contact and we'll be happy to help.

    • I need to correct a mistake

      Accidents happen! If you made a mistake when placing your order, or want to edit your delivery details, please get in touch with us within 10 minutes of placing the order and we'll be able to help. You can reach us on

    • What if I’m not satisfied with My Nametags?

      We pride ourselves on offering the best labels and customer service in the business, if you are unhappy, for whatever reason, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on