Research from My Nametags reveals Modern Irish Parents Are the Most Lenient in History

  • Over half of modern parents set few or inconsistent rules for their children
  • Almost 60% of older generations adopted a clear, strict style of parenting
  • 3/4 of parents claim they spend more quality time with their children than their parents did with them
  • 3/4 feel they show more love and affection than their parents did

New research* reveals that modern parenting styles are more lenient than previous generations, with over half (55%) of parents in Ireland agreeing they take a relaxed approach to raising their children, with very few or inconsistent rules. This is a contrast to the previous generation, with over half (58%) of parents claiming that their own parents took a strict and clear approach to rules when they were growing up.

This is demonstrated in day-to-day life. Half (50%) of modern parents don’t expect their children to help with household chores, whilst almost half (48%) are more relaxed about what their children eat and drink than their own parents were. Instead, modern Irish parents are focussed on spending time with their children and supporting them emotionally.

The study, which looked into parenting in Ireland reveals that more than 3/4’s  of modern parents believe they make more effort to spend quality time with their children (80%) than their parents did with them.

Parents also feel as though they show more love and affection to their children (75%) and insist on more family activities than their own parents did (69%). As a result, almost 3/4’s  (74%) feel their children can be more open and honest with them than they could be with their own parents.

This is reflected in parents’ actions, with the research highlighting some stark differences between the generations. Whilst previous generations were more likely to support their children practically, by teaching their children to tie their shoelaces (67%), buying ingredients for home economics at school (57%), and mending damaged clothing (56%), modern parents are more likely to spend quality time with their children. For instance, they are twice as likely to do arts and crafts at home (66%) and play imaginative games (64%) with their children than their parents were with them.

These significant differences between parenting styles are reflected in the fact that almost a 1/3 (31%) feel uncomfortable with their own parents looking after their children.

Lars B Andersen Founder and CEO of My Nametags, comments: “At My Nametags we speak to parents and grandparents every day. We were interested to find out how parenting has changed throughout the generations because we know that life has changed so drastically in the last 30 years. Whilst there may be fewer rules in place, it doesn’t mean that modern parents are hands-off. Instead, families today prioritise spending quality time together and developing children’s soft skills.”

*The research was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of My Nametags in June 2022, surveying 500 parents in Ireland.

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