Our top 5 tips for applying name stickers

With the start of the new school year comes a lot of excitement but also a lot of preparation. As a parent, you have already had to go in search of books, stationery, uniforms, the list appears endless… One thing that may have been on your list (and if it was not it should be!) is nametags to identify all of your child’s possessions. All parents know that labelling their child’s items is essential to ensure things return home. So to make your life a little easier we have gathered our 5 top tips on applying our most popular and versatile name stickers to ensure they last. 

1. When applying on clothing, only apply on the care label

It is important to label children’s clothing, particularly school uniforms as they all look the same! It can be so easy for your child to grab someone else’s school jumper or leave theirs on the playground. In a past study we found that parents end up spending a significant amount of money replacing items lost throughout the school year, including school uniforms. With our colour stickers you are able to label your child’s clothing, however you must ensure you are applying the stickers on the care or manufacturer labels not directly on the fabric. If you wish to label an item of clothing directly on the clothing material you must use our colourful iron-on labels. 

2. Allow 24 hours before washing

My Nametags’ labels are made to live through the active everyday life of a child. Our colour name stickers are also waterproof and can go in the microwave, dishwasher and washing machine. However, whether you have applied a sticker to a tupperware, an item of clothing or stationery we recommend you wait 24 hours before putting a newly labelled item through any type of washing. 

3. Certify the chosen surface is clean and dry

When applying name stickers it is good to apply them to a clean and dry surface for the best results. You want to make sure the label is able to stick properly so having an item that is clean is essential so the glue in the label can do its magic. 

4. Apply the label in the correct place

Personalised colour labels are incredibly quick and easy to use. Be that as it may, there are still ways of applying the stickers that can make them look odd or not stick properly. This is why, when applying a name sticker, it is good to think about where you are going to place the label before sticking it on. If the item has a textured side, for example, you should apply the label on the smoother side. Another example would be if you are labelling a pen, it would not make sense to apply the label close to the writing tip. This would not only not make the label very visible but would also make it not stick properly as the size is not uniform all the way around. 

5. Label everything!

Finally, our last tip is to label everything! Labelling is a quick and easy thing to do that can make your life a lot easier and save you money. Our colourful labels also have the advantage of being personalisable with lots of icons and backgrounds for your child to pick from – they will certainly have fun designing their nametags

For more information about our products visit our product page. For more details on labels – their advantages, which to pick and how to apply them – read our guide to labelling.

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